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Saskia Laval


Kashmir Lounge - A'dam
set time 01.00-03.00
Der Weisse Hase - Berlin
set time TBA
Magistraat - Den Haag
set time 00.30-02.00
TEMPLE. - Amsterdam
Oosterbar - set time 00.30-01.30
DansPark - Utrecht
Venue: TBA - set time 12.00-15.00

TEMPLE. is THE hard techno party in Amsterdam. Only the best DJs with the best music. Enter the sacred grounds of TEMPLE. And find yourself dissolved in place and time. Surrender yourself to the hard techno sounds of TEMPLE. and, feel light taking over your body and mind. Rave hard until the divine beats stop, but still bouncing back in your body and, the lights still reflecting in your eyes: Then your soul has been sold to TEMPLE.



CHAYOTE is a party that takes place in both Amsterdam and Berlin. The music style is techno and techhouse. Chayote fills you with a summer breeze feeling, with the sensation of budding love. It is an endless surrender to dancing. Chayote makes immerse yourself in joint timeless, uncomplicated joy and happiness.

DJ Marathon

I did my own marathon of 9x sets within 9 nights during the Harder Styles DJ Marathon from 29/07-08/08 2021. Since no parties or festivals are allowed in the Netherlands, a livestream marathon is a fantastic way of allowing dj’s to play anyhow.

I played some hard techno sets.  It was great fun!

Here are some media links about the event and about me participating there:

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DJ Marathon

My history

I'm just getting started.
Getting started
First encounter with techno & Starting DJ lessons
After several smaller techno parties, I was completely blown away by the music and how the djs played at my first Awakenings party.
Finishing SAE Amsterdam
Electronic music production
Love for industrial, dark & Hard techno.
Start DJ career in Rio de Janeiro
As a voluntary music teacher in Rocinha, I met several wonderful Carioca dj/producers and I created the chance to dj at several parties and in clubs.
Conquering Europe
DJing in several of the biggest techno cities in Europe
Amsterdam (NL) - Berlin (D) - Vienna (A) - Krakow (PL) - Brighton (UK) - Villach (A) - different cities in the Netherlands.
Going viral
Playing for (inter)national radio stations
After playing on national radio (Amsterdam Most Wanted), I got invited for several interviews which kickstarted my (inter)national radio journey.
My first recurring event
Saskia Laval invites: with guest djs
Started my monthly livestream event with 6 guest DJs.
Every 1st Sunday of the month during COVID!

Conquering the world
DJing on regular basis in Berlin and first time in Colombia!
Went to Berlin and Medellín (Colombia).

Starting as event organizer
Event organizer & DJ
Organizing & DJ for my first events: CHAYOTE(Amsterdam, Berlin) - TEMPLE.(Amsterdam)

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